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FIX-IT AIR-CONDITIONER, a division of FIX-IT HANDYMAN & FACILITY MAINTENANCE SERVICES LTD is an Air Conditioner repair and Air Conditioner servicing company based in Abuja, Nigeria that specializes providing Air Conditioner servicing, Air Conditioner installation, Air Conditioner Sales, Air Conditioner troubleshooting & repair in Abuja in all types of air-conditioning ductless units.

  • Providing excellence and professional air conditioner repair to all our customers.
  • Deliver and commit the best price, best support and reliable air conditioner services.
  • Represent a prestigious principal company in terms of sales and technical support.
  • Ensure advanced air conditioning technologies.
  • Ensure an environment of residential properties, commercial companies and non-profitable organizations have an ambiance of heavenly coolness and quietness.
  • Our Teams of technical personnel were trained to meet excellence and professional service and complex customer needs.
  • Our technical team providing island wide air-conditioning services which including installation, servicing and repairing.



We serve everything from small businesses and homes with only one air conditioning and heating system to hotels and office buildings with several units. FIX-IT AIR CONDITIONER staff are fully trained to provide professional repair, maintenance, and replacement for your light commercial and residential equipment.

We specialize in residential homes and businesses including:

  • one and two-story office buildings
  • retail stores
  • apartments
  • computer rooms
  • Server rooms
  • schools
  • recreational facilities
  • rehabilitation centers
  • banks
  • churches
  • country clubs
  • manufacturing facilities
  • warehouses


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