General cleaning services can clean out dust and other particles inside a well-maintained air-conditioner. However, it might not be enough if the unit has not been cleaned for years or if the unit has been on standby for a long time.

The dust, materials, and other chemicals inside the unit might have hardened overtime and can’t be removed by just water and some soap even with the use of a compressor. It is during these situations that using a cleaning chemical to clean your Air Conditioner becomes necessary.

It follows a similar process to the standard AC cleaning that are used for air-conditioners. Instead of just water and soap, a chemical solvent is used in the mixture to remove hardened dust and materials in the vents or grease on the fan coil to restore the cooling effectiveness of the unit.

It is a cleaning method that will thoroughly clean your air conditioner’s drainage, fan coil, and pipes to make it transfer heat and cold air more efficiently. Many have reported that their air conditioner operates like it’s brand new after a full chemical cleaning.

We do AC Chemical Wash for the products from Daikin, Samsung, Blue Star, LG, Voltas, also we do AC water wash service to all other manufacturers!

Our professional technicians at FIX-IT AIR CONDITIONER are capable of dealing with all types of air conditioners such as, Window AC, Split AC, Packaged AC, Ductable AC, Cassette AC and Central AC.

We also undertake AC maintenance contract (AC AMC), making it easy for organizations to maintain high quality air conditioned office environments.