The advancement in air conditioning technology has resulted in designs that enable superior energy saving ability and improved functioning of the air conditioner. Old technology utilises electrical components to perform direct control operation of motors and compressor. This results in unoptimized operation that leads to higher energy consumption.

Recent technology introduces optimized control that enables the aircon to adjust operation accordingly to the required cooling load. This control allows lower energy consumption. The new technology uses printed circuit board to perform complex communication, data calculation and output operation.

The circuit board and its components, like any other parts in the air conditioning system, are subject to lifespan exhaustion as well as damage. We shall briefly discuss the common breakdown scenarios:

  1. An air conditioner circuit board operate in both voltage AC and DC voltages. Whenever there is a current surge, the circuitry may be damaged by sudden introduction of higher voltage that is beyond its operating range.
  2. Inputting of incorrect voltage into aircon circuit board by an inexperienced technician during installation can also damage the board.
  3. Damage or shorted field wiring is another cause of circuit board damage. Shorted or damage wire also results in incorrect or excessive introduction of voltage.
  4. Pests like lizard or cockroaches that dwell inside the aircon circuit board may cause damage. Their bodies,when in direct wire contact, results in short circuitry of the electronics component.

A damaged aircon circuit board can normally be repaired but this requires a well trained technical personnel to do it. However most circuit boards can’t be repaired on site. Proper repairing of circuit boards should be carried out in a workshop environment where all test equipment are readily available. Upon repair, circuit board operation must be tested for a period of time to determine if its operational again.

Many aircon companies lack the above expertise, hence they recommend replacement of a new circuit board. Replacement cost for a new circuit board may double or triple the price of repair. Ironically , a new circuit board is still subject to the same damage as discussed above. Having said the above, some circuit board may be so badly damaged that its beyond economical repair. Our workshop will perform a detailed assessment and advise our client on the best options available.

FIX-IT Air Conditioner provides circuit board repair services and have successfully repaired several of boards from different manufacturers. We also offer such repair services to other air conditioning contractors who seek our repair services.