Ex-proof Air Conditioner - For Oil Rigs


ZTZN BFKT series explosion proof air conditioners (ATEX & EAC Ex & IEC Ex) – are designed and manufactured specially for oil rigs with extreme conditions. They differ from normal units because they have stronger coils, a blower and filtration system that doesn’t produce sparks and a stronger body casing that is often explosion proof. They must also stick to quality control and codes used by the petrochemical industries.

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Product Details


Explosion-proof Mark:

ExdibmbIIBT4 Gb/ExdibmbIICT4 Gb

Features & Benefits:

  • Built specially for oil rigs
  • Specially treated pipelines are of great anti-vibration performance, could run well in the occasions with violent bumps and vibrations, without leakage of fluorine.
  • Their dust-proof condensers & evaporimeters enable them to keep running for a long time in the conditons with strong sand & dust. 
  • Wide voltage range power input solution solves the problem of instable voltage input on oil rigs
  • Energy saving & Enviornment friendly & High Efficiency
  • Low noise unit (dB) 
  • Easy to install and operate
  • ATEX  Zone 2 
  • Ingress protection (IP) and impact tested
  • R410a eco-friendly refrigerant, no damage to ozone layer


  • Oil & Gas ( Onshore & Off Shore) 
  • Chemical Plants 
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Military Industry
  • Harsh Environments