Explosion proof Dehumidifier


ZTZN dehumidifiers are designed sepcially for the use in hazardous conditions.
Explosion Safety: ExdibmbIIBT4 Gb/ExdibmbIICT4 Gb

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Product Details


Explosion-proof Mark:

ExdibmbIIBT4 Gb/ExdibmbIICT4 Gb

Technical Data:

  1. Applied range: Storeroom, like precious machines, instruments, computers Bank, library, museum, garment company and carport.In rainy day, it can keep your room dry and comfortable, avoid mildewing your furniture, carpet or clothes.No matter what makes your room moist, use this machine can makes you comfortable.
  2. Indoor use of frame structure, LCD display, using ultra-quiet design, the noise is small, fully automatic operating. 
  3. Automatic self-test failure program, automatic switch setting. 
  4. Use of brand-name expansion valve as a throttling element, according to load flexibility in adjusting the refrigerant flowing.
  5. Use of comedy within the copper tube and the hydrophilic thread fin, heat transfer efficiency is high. 
  6. With brand microcomputer automatic control system, with automatic fault diagnosis function, running, saving time, saving electricity.
  7. The high quality components are used to ensure the long-term efficient operation goes well. 
  8. The products are used in the hazardous area for the oil, gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and marine industries etc.
  9. This type of explosion proof dehumidifier is up to the standards of the products quality surveillance of national explosion-proof electrification, and has obtained the explosion proof certificate . Such explosion proof split wall mount air conditioners can be used in Used in the hazard area:

 Zone 1,Zone 2 ,Groups IIA,IIB,IIC (IEC hazard area classification),

Category 2G,3G(ATEX hazard area classification)

Suitable used in the temperature range:T1,T2,T3,T4