FIX-IT AIR CONDITIONER is a leading HVAC Design service provider firm to the Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industries across Nigeria. We provide high quality and precision HVAC design services, workshop drawings, HVAC CAD drafting & Modeling services at competitive rates.


FIX-IT AIR CONDITIONER design engineers used HVAC design tools mainly include with some popular topics such as the REVIT MEP software, AutoCAD MEP Design software, psychrometric charts, LATCAD, Samsung DVM and heat load estimating software & calculations. Our Engineers use the principle of equal friction design of sizing supply and return duct system. This includes friction loss per unit length, air velocity and volume, round and rectangular duct diameter, details of end connections & supports, grill sizes etc…

Cooling and heating load estimation sheets used for manual calculation of space cooling and heating loads are done by competent HVAC engineering team with right air circulation exchanges, thermal calculations, determining chilling capacity etc.. Our team used sophisticated technology & software’s for ensuring high quality designs for your project.

We offers HVAC design and drafting services to owners, contractors and architects for residential, commercial, malls, industrial units.

Our HVAC Design and Drafting Services include:

  • Design and drafting services for HVAC system construction plan drawings.
  • HVAC Design and Layout Design.
  • Design, development and construction plan drawings.
  • HVAC Load Calculation (Cooling and Heating).
  • HVAC Pipe sizing and its Layout Design.
  • Schedule for Equipment.
  • Air Conditioning Design & Layouts.
  • HVAC Design, Detailing & Drawings.
  • HVAC Consultation.
  • Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings.
  • Equipment piping sizing and design layout plan drawings.
  • 3D Piping & Ducting modeling services.
  • 3D HVAC Model with architectural modeling.
  • BOQ generation.

We can efficiently handle HVAC design and drafting projects with complex HVAC project requirements. We have highly qualified team of HVAC design engineers ensure that your designs and drawings are accurate and flawless in accordance with your hvac needs or standards. We offer customized HVAC CAD drafting and detailing services that are developed in accordance with client needs and specifications.

As your partner for HVAC services, we can help you cut down on costs, increase productivity and achieve quality in your HVAC projects. Contact us to get a FREE quote on HVAC Design and Drafting Services.